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Our Work

We’ve been in the event production business since 2001, and have tons of amazing work to look back on. Check out some of our past events for inspiration and confidence as you choose the Event Management Company that’s right for you.


We have been "the event management company" of ASCDI since 1994.  We've planned over 200, three day international conferences and exhibitions.  We've helped the association raise thousands of dollars by producing profitable conferences and designing fundraising events such as pub crawls and golf tournaments. 

North American Association of Telecom Dealers (NATD)

When we initially began developing conferences for NATD in 1999, we immediately found a way to upgrade the quality of the events while keeping the costs the same.  With the improvement in conferences and meetings came a huge increase in membership.  Over the course of a few years, the association and conferences doubled in size and began to show a profit.   


Cloud Communications Alliance was founded in 2011 and started with less than 30 members. To help CCA reach their membership goal, we provided over 150 one day conferences at unique venues throughout the world.  CCA is now a recognized name in cloud space and continues to gain more members every year.

THE SLEEP FORUM, founded in 2018, is THE SOURCE for all news about wellness, sleep health and solutions!  To bring to life The Sleep Forum, Marion Meetings created podcasts and webinars about sleep and wellness that has attracted thousands of viewers.  We continue to provide services to The Sleep Forum and bring interesting health topics to their audience of over 80,000.